Family Office

 A Family Office is a bit like a family business – no one size fits all.

The purpose of a Family Office is to manage the family wealth.  Successful family businesses recognise that managing family wealth is a discrete business in itself and is instrumental in ensuring a family is happy and harmonious.

A Family Office might be part of the management of the family business, or a separate entity.  Read more about how a family office might be structured and managed.  It is important for each family to spend time determining what they hope to achieve through the establishment of a Family Office (read more).

Our Family Office Service

At FBCN we are passionate about helping family  businesses achieve their goals and prosper and see a well run Family Office as being a vital component of family business success.  Our advisers can assist you in setting up the Family Office that works best for your family and your business, or we can provide a complete externally run Family Office for your business.


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