Family Law for Family Businesses

A family business can be affected in many and varied ways by the breakdown of a relationship of a family member.  A family member may need to take a lesser role during that time.  Monies may need to be found to pay out a spouse.  The business or part there-of may need to be valued.

The family business itself may, in some circumstances, need to obtain advice on its own behalf to ensure that business’s interests are adequately considered and, if desired, protected.  Read more about when a family business may need assistance in its own right.

Our Family Businesses and Family Law Service

If a family business will be affected, directly or indirectly, by a family law dispute, it is important that the right advisers can be assembled to minimise the negative impact of the dispute on the family business itself.  FBCN has a number of family law specialists and associated professionals with expertise in looking after the interests of family businesses in these kinds of disputes.


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