Family Law Financial Agreements (“BFA”s)

The only reliable way to avoid expensive Family Court litigation after a relationship breakdown is via a Financial Agreement, also known as a “pre-nuptial agreement” or “Binding Financial Agreement” (“BFA”).

A BFA sets out precisely what a couple wants to happen with their assets, and regulates their financial affairs, if they separate at any time in the future.  A BFA can be entered into:

– before a couple marries or enters into a de facto relationship (including same-sex relationships)

– while a couple is still happily (or otherwise!) married, or living together

– after separation (where it’s used to document their property settlement)

Provided certain technical requirements are met (read more) and both members of the couple obtain independent legal advice, the BFA will be legally binding.

BFAs are used to provide certainty and peace of mind to couples and to their wider families.  They’re especially valuable when a family wants to protect family assets, such as a family business, from the effects of relationship breakdowns. Read more about the many benefits offered by BFAs.

 Our complete BFA Service

The very idea of talking about a BFA with your nearest and dearest can be daunting.  To make matters worse, the process can be derailed by lawyers and other advisers taking an unnecessarily protective, rather than constructive, approach.

FBCN members work collaboratively to help you through the whole process, from raising the topic with your spouse or family member, to helping you work out the terms of your agreement, to facilitating discussions with other professionals, to making sure all technical requirements are properly satisfied.


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