Finance and Funding

Finance and funding solutions are no longer simple with banks, in particular, having tightened their credit criteria in many areas.

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The more you demonstrate that you are organised and know what you want, the more likely a funder will be interested in assisting.  In this complex financial world we in fact would suggest you work with people that know the market and are seeking funding on a daily basis.  They will be aware of the full range of types of finance on offer (read more) and often deliver superior results to funders that state they are there to assist.  Banks will structure to maximise revenue as well as reduce their risk.  Read more for a listing of typical financial ratios used by funders in various forms.  Read more for a borrower’s checklist for property finance and Home Loans Refer also to the Property Finance Checklist.

Our Finance and Funding Service

Often, finance and funding can seem bamboozling and many business owners settle for sub-optimal solutions, or give up all together.  FBCN’s finance and funding specialists can guide you through the maze of different options to ensure that your business maximises the opportunity to grow and thrive.


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