Harry Kras - Family Business Consultants Network
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Harry Kras

Family Business Resource Centre Pty Ltd.

“When family businesses work well they can produce remarkable results. But when things go wrong, both the family and business can be destroyed remarkably quickly.”

Having worked with business families throughout his career, Harry established the Family Business Resource Centre in 1997 with the objective of assisting clients leverage the power of the family to maintain and build family wealth.

His role is often to help rebuild connections to ensure that family dynamics don’t get in the way of family members working together effectively.  He is often called on at times of business transition or when family tensions impact on the business.

Once any blockages are cleared, implementing the advice and technical support offered by other members of the Family Business Consulting Network flow much more easily. Harry supports clients by working with family members shoulder to shoulder and through an extensive online support system that offers coaching, tools, diagnostics and resources.

Major Specialisations

  • Family Disputes & Conflicts
  • Succession
  • Governance
  • Intergenerational Planning
  • Mentoring

Contact Me

+61 (3)9018 9800