Jon Kenfield

Managing Director at The Solutionist Group 

I’ll give you a happier family AND a stronger business.”

FBCN14MAK_2207I have been a chartered accountant for almost 30 years.  I have an honours degree in law and additional professional qualifications as an arbitrator, mediator, negotiator, family business adviser, SCUBA diving instructor, commercial oil rig diver and English teacher.

My reputation as one of Australia’s most effective advisers to families in business is based on my unique willingness and ability to go where others fear to tread to facilitate (non-destructive) family alignment, even in highly confused and conflicted situations.  My book, “The Solutionist Guide to Family Business”, is the leading text for family business people and their advisers on how to create and operate long term, sustainable family businesses and legacies.

I often opens doors into complex assignments: using proprietary diagnostics to help families achieve clarity of thought, emotion and purpose – so they know what they’re aiming for before they commit to a program.