Greg Johnson

Managing Partner Ascend Business Partners

GJaI am a Strategic Accountant specialising in Maximising Business Value and creating successful Exit Strategies for SME Business Owners. My mission is to educate the world of all business owners about the importance of being “sale ready” which will allow them to take opportunities as they arise and protect them from the impact of the Generational change currently underway.

I am a highly experienced strategic adviser, coach, succession/exit planning specialist and Business Broker, with an extensive range of skills gained over 25 years.  My emphasis is on assisting business owners plan, design and implement their ultimate exit and succession strategy, which may include the sale of their business, and create exceptional personal and business outcomes for my clients.

With my experience in Senior leadership and management roles I offer clients access to my exceptional people management, business transformation and financial management skills. With a keen eye for financial analysis and strategic planning I create substantial improvements in business performance.  My broad commercial experience and diverse industry background is invaluable in building robust, valuable businesses for Business Owners.

My drive and passion for success empowers clients to develop the right strategies to achieve their business, personal and financial goals.  Most business owners underestimate their true potential and I empower my clients to increase profits and improve cash flow, which results in the value of their business increasing and in turn providing the Business Owner with financial independence and freedom of lifestyle.

I am Managing Partner at Ascend Business Partners where we apply a systematic approach in working with business owners to increase the value of their business, and support them to exit their business with a valuable asset they can sell, or provide them with an ongoing passive income. We are experts in helping business owners build their business and supporting them to get ready to sell, exit or transition their business.

As a Certified Practicing Accountant, Qualified Coach, Accredited Business Consultant, 1 of only 23 Certified Exit Planners in Australia and a Qualified Business Broker I have all the skills to help businesses achieve results which exceed his clients’ expectations.

My personal passion is making a difference in the lives of others.