For Families in Business

Family Business is just about the oldest form of business on the planet – which is a bit weird, since it’s also one of the most difficult to get right, with its contrary mix of commercial (practical, financial and competitive) needs, mixed with emotional (nurture, respect and validation) overlays.

Many of the human factors that foster great businesses – driven entrepreneurialism, courage and risk taking – create profound complications in family relations, especially for parents trying to be both a boss and a parent.  Pressures on their time and life focus often translates into low resilience and delayed skills development in their next generations.

FBCN’s collaborative professionals bring hundreds of years of combined experience, skills and knowledge into this arena.  These abilities are supported by shared training and commitment to a tried and tested best practice model for families in business that helps to produce happier families and stronger businesses.

If you’re facing challenges in your family business you can be almost certain they won’t fix themselves.  So please call now for an obligation free, initial conversation.  It may be the smartest call you make this year!