For Advisers

Every FBCN adviser is an expert in one or more traditional professional disciplines, in addition to our individual family business expertise.

We collaborate with each other to provide best possible services to our family business (and other) clients, believing that almost every family business assignment requires a broader range of skills than any one of us can provide as individuals, or as members of larger, single focus, professional firms.

We offer these same skills and processes to advisers outside our network who are trying to deliver necessary outcomes to their own family business clients AND have the courage and honesty to recognise that they can’t deliver those outcomes without some extra help.

In these situations we opearte as “disposable experts” – coming in to help do what needs to be done for your clients, with a commitment to: (a) work collaboratively with you and make you look good through the process; (b) never poach your clients; (c) move on as soon as the task is completed.

We promise to leave you in full control and with an enhanced client relationship – after all, you’ve just selflessly helped them to get the practical results they needed!

If you have family business clients that need some, or lots, of specialised help and/or you need to maintain independence fromt the “bill payer” to deal with a family situation please call us now for an obligation free chat.  Your clients will love you for it!