Family Mediation and Conflict Management

Conflict is complicated.  It often follows the Iceberg Principle: “you may see the 10% above the surface, but it’s the 90% below that sinks the ship”.

Most families generate some level of conflict on a regular basis.  For some it’s their standard method of communicating!  However, when family and business are joined together there may be no relief from the inter-personal tensions, that can eventually grow into out-of-control conflict.  Eventually something has to give, and the worst cases can produce complete meltdowns in both the family and the business.

Resolving serious conflict in a family business context requires effective dealings with both human (soft) and commercial (hard) issues.  Beyond a certain point it’s almost impossible to do this from within the family, because you’re too close to the people and issues to have clear or fair perspectives, and because once the conflict has reached a certain point the family’s normal authority structures count for little or nothing. 

Enter the family business solutionist / mediator – whose task it is to balance everybody’s needs and interests with the commercial requirements of the business – and thence to guide all participants towards constructive solutions that don’t sacrifice the family for the business, or vice versa.  Their job is to bring both out on the other side in better shape than when they entered.

Components of Family Business Conflict

  •               Family Business Dynamics – underlying issues (read more)               
  •               Causes of Conflict (read more)                                                                         
  •               Preventing Conflict (read more)                                                                 
  •               Managing Conflict (read more)                                                                      
  •               Resolving Conflict (read more)                                                                         
  •               Family Conflict Resolution (Mediation) Process (read more)                    

Our Family Mediation and Conflict Management Service

The family mediation and conflict management service offered through FBCN is one that has been refined over almost twenty years and developed through working with families in business. There is simply no other process available in Australia that’s been as extensively crafted to suit the family business environment, nor is there one with as much proven effectiveness.


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