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Tradition with a twist!

Our members have qualifications, experience and skills in their traditional practice specialties, but with 2 key points of difference:


  • These skills have a specific focus on families in business, and
  • Our collaborative approach brings together the right resources appropriate for every engagement … no matter how complex.

Check out our typical family business consulting engagements below

What We Can Do For You

Legal Services

Our lawyers prioritise resolving disputes and finding common ground, taking a collaborative approach by working with other professional advisers in order to achieve, where possible, a “win-win” outcome for all parties involved. Our lawyers practise across a diverse range of areas including commercial law, business sales and structuring, business succession planning, estate planning and family law.

Typical issues addressed

  • Legal structure and succession advice
  • Legal agreements for the business and the family
  • Collaborative family law –focusing on resolution

Financial Expertise

Our accountants take a holistic approach to your financial advisory needs, taking the time to get to know you, your family and your business, to ensure a trusted relationship.  In addition to taking care of taxation compliance and fiscal reporting, our accountants are proactive and strategic in identifying and monitoring key performance indicators in order to optimise business performance and work with you and your team to play an integral role in your financial success.

Typical issues addressed

  • Analysis of Business performance
  • Business Performance Improvement and preparation for sale or succession
  • Managing taxation and corporate risk through sensible structuring
  • Review of cost and appropriateness of finance alternatives

Psychological & Human Services

If a business is family owned or run by family members the normal challenges of running a successful business increase exponentially.  The normal cycles of a business ripple through families and in return family issues can ripple through the business.

FBCN has specialist consultants in psychology, behavioural change and peak performance who work with families to achieve the twin goals of successful business and happy families.

Typical issues addressed

  • Career and life guidance for business owners
  • Finding the right people for the right roles
  • Performance management
  • Organisational development
  • HR strategy

Facilitation, Meetings & Family Mediation

There are very few mediators who are comfortable with handling both commercial and human issues, so as not to sacrifice one element of the family for another.  FBCN offers world class expertise in this area, with an exceptional success rate for resolving family conflicts and disputes, whether they result from sibling rivalry, intergenerational tensions, behavioural issues, unmet expectations, succession planning challenges, or any of a wide range of sources.

Typical issues addressed

  • Communication solutions for families and for businesses
  • Mediation & conflict management

Succession Planning

Where are you going to be in three, five or more years? Your family, your family business interests, your career aspirations? These issues are all about Succession Planning and that’s what we do.

Typical issues addressed

  • Preparing for intergenerational change
  • Business succession outside the family
  • Estate and financial planning

Governance & Family Best Practice

FBCN’s Best Practice Model, is effectively a map for achieving family business success.  It offers a structured approach for achieving family business Nirvana, based on diagnosing the actual needs of every family, to produce their own unique program. The model relies heavily on using collaborative advisory teams, where necessary, to ensure that each and every client receives exactly the services they need, at a reasonable price.  This is the FBCN difference – a truly multi-skilled approach that deals with human and technical issues by focusing on Individual, Family and Business needs.

Typical issues addressed

  • Implementing enduring business and family governance systems
  • Practical and professional management to family wealth
  • Wills and estates

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a call or send us an email to discuss how we can help you.